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Greetings from JS Cloud Infotech, An IT Services company since 2019, our innovative and quality-driven digital tactics have been setting the benchmark for effective utilization of IT tools for growth of businesses. Our adventure started in the center of Delhi, where we used the vibrant energy of one of the tech hubs in Australia & India to provide unmatched Information Technology services and Digital Marketing services. Since NayanDigi’s founding in 2019 and finally rebranded to JS cloud infotech, we have been committed to providing excellent IT services. Our quest has been marked by an unwavering dedication to quality and an enthusiasm for technology. Being a top supplier of IT services, we take great satisfaction in our goal of arming individuals and companies with innovative solutions that foster success in the digital era.

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Our Core Team Members

Vikram Chauhan​

Vice President, Sales

A Dynamic and passionate results-driven executive with a degree in software engineering and over 15 years of global leadership experience across diverse industries including Biotech, Banking & Finance, Travel, and Retail. Proven track record of driving strategic initiatives, optimizing operations, and delivering exceptional results. A visionary leader with a knack for innovation and a commitment to fostering collaborative corporate cultures. Some of the giants he has worked with are Kuoni, NAB(National Australian Bank), Merieux Nutrisciences and Myers. His key strengths are Strategic Planning & Execution, Leadership & Team Building, Business Development & Partnerships, Operational Optimisation, Cross-Industry Expertise.
His strong desire and passion to use IT to enable businesses to grow exponentially, led to a team and a company called JS Cloud Infotech.

Nayan Srivastava

Vice President, Sales

A highly passionate, results-driven, and energetic entrepreneur combines a natural inclination for studying businesses with a knack for IT tools. His dedication led to the founding of Nayandigi, a digital marketing company committed to ensuring exponential growth for businesses. With 5 years of rigorous effort and extensive hard work, he spearheaded the global expansion of Nayandigi into countries like Australia and Singapore. A driven individual with a fervent desire to see businesses flourish, he is dedicated to making impactful contributions to the growth and success of companies worldwide.
Some of his key skills are Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution, IT Tools & Technology Integration, Global Market Expansion, Team Leadership & Motivation, Partnership Building & Networking.

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